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    After finishing the arenas, I decided I wanted to finish the last few hard ones I have and this one took me 4 tries. Twice I died to stalling a little on Wangren then not healing enough into Lifive. Then one death to making a horrible 6 combo board that fell flat. This run I spent maybe 2 minutes of real time trying to plan a little to get my combos cause last time the changing corners messed with me. Made a 9 combo that fell two more times so I felt as though I had it but was too unsure to take a picture till I knew he was dead and not gonna live with a tiny bit of health or something and kill me.

    Left on my list are:
    Legendary Sea of Stars
    The 4 Annihilation Machines

    Honestly though I haven’t beat Coliseum or AA at all yet but they’re on my to do list and I’ve been attempting them just gotta get used to not doing A3 lol. Need a little more tanking. Legendary Sea of Stars or MHera are gonna be next.
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