[Video] March 2019 Quest Challenge Lv.9 - Orb move time 4 sec

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    All credit goes to sgt502 for this video. This was the 1 saw when I was looking up what this months Challenge Lv. 9 was.

    Since I did not have all of the cards (also with the proper skill levels) as was seen in the video I wanted to share what I did to present an alternative.

    Leader: No.4837 Heavenly Sky Almighty God, Zeus - Giga; SA: N/A; Equip: Weatherlight
    Sub1: No.4800 Battle Master Dragon Caller, Valeria; Equip: FMA's Silver Pocket Watch
    Sub2: No.4648 Great Witch of the Glowing Gates, Saline; SA: N/A; Equip: Any with 1 Skill Boost
    Sub3: No.4877 Swordsman-in-Training, Eugeo;
    Sub4: No.4254 Awoken Vajrayaksa;

    Friend leader (or new self-leader option): No.4302 Spirit Detective, Yusuke Urameshi

    Badge: Skill Boost badge if you don't have a Skill Boost equip, otherwise use Team Atk 5%/15% badge.

    All cards need to be fully awoken, Level 99+ for Saline, and there are no requirements for Latent awokens though it doesn't hurt if Saline has Dragon Killers.

    Yusuke needs any combination of Dragon or Machine Killer latents of 2 or more (3 is obviously the max). If he doesn't put at least 2 Dragon Killers on Saline.

    Zeus and Saline must be skill level capped.

    Either Valeria or FMA's Silver Pocket Watch must be skill level capped.

    Eugeo and Vajrayaksa do not need any skill levels beyond default.


    Actives in this order:
    Valeria (which is actually the pocketwatch)

    10 seconds of orb move time, grab the bottom right most Light orb and make a Water column of 3 on the bottomright corner, scoot over and grab the remaining 3 Water on the bottom and make a Water column of 3 one space to the left of the previous column so it's Water-Light-Water on the bottom. Then switch the position of the top-left 3 Water orbs and shift them down 1 row to complete a 7 combo Light box with 4 1x3 Waters elsewhere and it's exactly 7 combos.

    If this somehow doesn't kill the boss, use Yusuke active and 7 combo manually if you can to finish it off.

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    Thanks for posting, mainly because I haven't seen that @sgt502 video posted anywhere else here. I managed to replicate what @sgt502 did, more or less, and breezed through. I even ran it a few extra times for a couple of extra Gaia Dragon gems (I was surprised that her drop rate wasn't 100%. That would have been really annoying if sgt502's setup hadn't made the dungeon so easy).

    FWIW, this is what I did ...
    I have two accounts and generally play everything possible in co-op with myself. I don't have a set of Whaledors to put assists on. I have one max-skilled on each account, but haven't bothered to farm for more. But, with two accounts, I was able to split the things that I needed between the two accounts.

    Fortunately, I have Madoo on each account. I also have Nerva, Mel, Eugeo, and Xmas Castor and Pollux on each account (although I only needed one of each of those). I have Machine Goemon, but haven't skilled him up at all, so I used regular evo'd Goemon (2006). His AS gives you the full fire board, but also reduces your HP to 1. Fortunately, my first hit killed Gaia Dragon, so the low HP wasn't a problem.

    So, the team on my main account was:
    Madoo (leader), Avowed ... Goemon, REvo Belial (another fire VDP, for insurance/overkill), Mel, and Nerva

    My alt account team was:
    Madoo (leader), F/L Ilmina (for her 4 SB's, and her F/L board change might have been useful if my first attack wasn't fatal),
    Eugeo, Xmas Castor and Pollux, and Nerva (just because)

    So, I started with the main account, used Goemon, swapped to the alt and used Xmas Castor and Pollux and Eugeo, and then swapped back to the main and used Mel, which gave me the same board as in the video. Then Nerva for the 5x boost to fire damage, and Madoo to add 2 to the combo count (because why not). Move an orb (without screwing up the board, obviously), and Gaia Dragon dies. I have no idea how much damage I was actually doing. Did I just barely kill her, or was it a huge overkill (with both Madoo and Belial VDP's, and the extra 2 combos from Madoo's AS)?
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    I moved my videos to the Blog sub forum if you want to see them.
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    May 15, 2016
    Thanks for the link. I'd seen your new video post(s) mentioned somewhere in one of the forum lists, but didn't know exactly where they were and couldn't find them when I looked earlier. I've never paid much attention to the sub-forums and normally don't even notice them. :)

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