Weird co-op team glitch

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    I ran into a funny glitch in the game yesterday and just felt like sharing.

    I have two accounts and I pretty much play every non-solo dungeon in co-op with myself. I've noticed that sometimes when the second player joins the game, it shows the wrong team for the first player. It seems that sometimes when you create a 2-player room and then change teams, the change doesn't make it to the server (or the second player) right away. But then before you actually enter the dungeon, the team that's displayed for the first player updates and shows the correct team.

    So, yesterday I was playing the REMDra dungeon and I guess I had a farming team, with Saline lead, selected when I created the room, but then I changed to a different team. When my other account joined, it still showed the Saline team, which, like I said, happens sometimes. But then after I hit Ready and Play, the Saline team seemed to stay as the screen switched to the dungeon. I was worried for a moment that I would end up with the wrong team, but when I got into the dungeon, the first account had the correct team, so everything seemed normal.

    The weird part came when I finished the dungeon. The exp that I got on each account was different. The second account got a lot more -- 1.8 times as much. So, the second account, and only the second account, got the benefit from Saline's leader skill, but the leader skill from the actual first team also worked. It was like using a leader switch AS, except that the first account didn't get the benefit from the original leader (Saline).

    I just thought that it was really weird. Thousands of co-op games and I've never noticed anything like that before. It was probably just an extremely rare random glitch, but, to be fair, the same kind of thing could have happened any number of times and the effect wasn't as obvious, or I just didn't notice. I noticed this time because I'd been running the dungeon repeatedly, and the exp on the second account seemed unusually high.

    FWIW, while the glitch worked in my favor this time, I guess it could bite you in the ass. For example, if you started with a "match 4" lead selected and then changed to a combo lead, but still ended up with the "match 4" condition when you entered the dungeon.

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