What should I do with my new Cotton (wood, dark, or light?)

Discussion in 'Monster Lineup' started by Noc, May 6, 2019.

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    Hi everyone,

    So I just traded some rainbow medals for Cotton, but I'm not sure which form I should evolve and would love to hear some of your thoughts. I'm not as interested in water because I have Amatsu (and multiple Skulds) and I already have Fire Cotton. These are my other teams that could use FUAs with offensive awakenings:
    1) Light Cotton: For a light teams I currently have Wedding Scheat who is bindable and has lots of TPAs, but no 7c. She is off-type for Ciel. I also have Yog, who is in the sub-form (also not a healer), although it might be nice to evolve the lead version of Yog and run Cotton as a sub. My Ciel teams currently rely on Hestia as a FUA. Hestia has some heart OEs and a solid active, but no offensive awakenings.
    2) Dark: I've been messing with Fatalis recently. I do have Kami as a dark FUA, but she has few awakenings and a pretty lame active that strongly benefits from an assist. Dark Cotton would also be nice on M. Bison too.
    3) Wood: I currently have Verdandi (who is bindable and has okay-ish stats) and Hestia has a wood sub-attribute. My Rex team would benefit from an on-color FUA that doesn't interfere with his leader skill and my Kami team can use more offensive subs that don't interfere with her leader skill. Rex normally uses Amatsu for FUA because Amatsu is a dragon. I also have Raizer, although I'm not sure how I feel about him at the moment. The upcoming Raizer has no TEs and a limited sub-pool, and the old one is interesting but I don't frequently use him. I'll also make the upcoming Bastet evo, although I'm not crazy about the fact that she's a bindable lead (my only unbindable equip is Reeche's hat).

    I feel like all these options are solid improvements to their existing teams, but Cotton won't necessarily be a make or break sub for any one of them so I'm not sure how to proceed. I could also keep Cotton in base form, but then she's not useful anywhere. I struggle with c9+ and A4 and beyond, but I'm not even necessarily looking to push into new content so much as figure out in what attribute Cotton is most likely to make large contributions or have a large effect on team dynamics. I'm definitely not a hardcore end-game player. My padherder is up to date if anyone is curious about what the rest of my box looks like at the moment.

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