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    Posting Guidelines - Where do I post?

    1. Introductions - Obviously, new users should introduce themselves here! Not mandatory, but it is a good way to ease into the community waters!

    2. Add Me! - Any thread looking for leaders or friends MUST go in Add Me. Threads of this nature in other forums will elicit warnings from moderators. Please do not respond to misplaced threads, unless to gently remind a new member that it is misplaced.

    3. Gift Exchange - Gift Exchange has done well so far, just read the policies before posting, and check IDs for known scammers.

    4. News & Events - This forum is specifically dedicated to the announcement and discussion of upcoming or current events and updates to the game. The forum has a sticky regarding tagging new threads appropriately and keeping content relevant, so please read this thread.

    5. Puzzle & Dragons Discussion - This forum is meant for threads on the game itself that don't fit into a dungeon discussion, guide thread, or rants/accomplishment post. However, this is not the forum for questions; all questions you cannot find an answer for should be placed in Q&A. The P&DD forum is a good place to discuss topics on the game in general, take polls on popularity, or share fond memories.

    6a. Q&A - Standard questions and general inquiries go in Q&A. If you ask a general question and expect an answer, keep it here. The basic questions about mechanics, evo materials, box space, friend lists, IAP or non, and any other general concern goes here!

    6b. Monster Lineup - Questions about team composition, member changes, leveling or evo priorities, power creep, archetypal compositions, and "Can x team do y dungeon?" as well as anything else to do with monsters on a team goes in Monster Lineup. If it's a question about or discussion on specific monsters or teams, it goes in here.

    7a. Team Guides - The Guides forum is only for viewing and light discussion; questions can be asked in Lineup. Only mods are allowed to move threads into or post threads in Guides. There are a lot of detailed and moderator-approved sources of information on teams and leaders!

    7b. Under Evaluation - This is where you post your Guide-in-progress! The process for moving a thread into Guides is: a. Format the thread and stay updated. b. PM a moderator for a review request. c. If approved, a moderator will move the thread for you. There is a sticky there detailing how to make a Guide.

    8. Tips, Tricks, & Dungeon Strategies - Discussion of dungeons goes in Tips, Tricks, & Dungeon Strategies. Threads on tips or viable strategies about a specific dungeon go here. Threads on specific team comps or archetypes using a particular leader or theme go in Lineup; they are a discussion of the team and its composition, not of dungeons and statistics/mechanics.

    9. Monster Farming - Questions or discussion on monster farming or hunting go in Monster Farming. During an event, survey dungeon, Descend, or biweekly, results threads should be posted here.

    10a. Rants & Accomplishments - Personal stories, successes, diaries, venting, and Victory/Failure threads go in Rants & Accomplishments. If it's a personal statement, complaint, brag thread, or diary, it goes here.

    10b. Blogs - This sub-section is for any personal post that tracks progress, such as a blog, or any advertising for your own material, like a YouTube channel. Please be at least some-what P&D-relevant.

    11a/b. EU
    - This forum is dedicated to the EU community and any threads specifically discussing EU events or topics should go here.

    12a/b. JP
    - The JP forums are for JP material. Please do not open discussion of JP content in the EN general, with the exception of alerting the forum to an incoming update TO EN. If there is an existing thread in JP, please do not create a new one in General. There is also an existing news/update thread in JP that usually has the latest news to be discussed on its last page.

    13. The Lounge
    - Any discussion not P&D-related or not relevant to General (i.e., threads for fun, like designing a dungeon, forum games, your favorite monster, or about another game) go in here. Thread on suggestions for ideas, game or monster mechanics, or dungeons we want to see go here. This is also where you should place posts about gift card sales or discounts for the Google Play store or iTunes.

    14. Other Mobile Games
    - This is not a forum; rather, it links to our sister forum, appinvasion.com, and is also hosted by our administrator, NeoCHI! Head here to get more detailed info on other mobile games and apps!

    15. Artwork
    - The Artwork forum is for artistic endeavors of your own or cool artwork that you have found. If it's not yours, kindly give credit to where/who from it was found. This is also the place to discuss new monster artwork; "your favorite monster art" threads, and similar topics!


    That's the list! We hope these guidelines will alleviate the pressure we've all felt from the growing population on the forum, and help everyone find things or make new posts just a little easier. Remember, the best weapon you have against spam, trolls, inappropriate posts, advertising, or someone being rude is the Report Button. Using that will bring the first active moderator running to evaluate the situation.

    Take care, and puzzle on!

    The Moderators
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